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Select two quantitative research reports from the University Library that test a hypothesis. At least one of the research reports must use correlational statistical procedures, and at least one of the research reports must use inferential statistical procedures. Both research reports must relate to the health care field.1.Answer the following questions about the studies individually. Discuss your answers with the team.Are the procedures used parametric or nonparametric? Why?2.What types of statistical tests were used? What do the results of these tests tell you about the data?3.Were hypothesis testing errors present? What are the consequences for the studies if a Type I or a Type II error was made?4.Are there additional studies in the same field that corroborate the results of the selected studies?Summarize the studies; include the key points and conclusions.Prepare a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you present your findings. Online students must include speaker notes.NOTE:I’M ONLY SUPPOSE TO DO QUESTION 3,PLUSE THE GENERAL INTRODUCTION OF THE ASSIGIMENT.

Hypothesis testing errorsType I and Type II Type I error• The first kind of error that exist is ‘rejection of null hypothesis’ that is actually true.• In this study no error is present….

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