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Often counselors see clients who are concerned that the side effects of the medications are worse than the disorder. Although research supports the incorporation of a number of alternative therapies, many medical professionals are skeptical of alternative therapies. Additionally, some clients might hesitate to choose complementary or alternative therapies because they perceive them as unscientific.

How can your own preconceived ideas about complementary and alternative therapies affect the options that you suggest to a client? How important is it that counselors be well informed about alternative treatments? How can you expand your awareness of alternative therapies?For this Discussion, select a topic to discuss:

  1. Alternative approaches used to treat anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders
  2. Complementary approaches in the treatment of anxiety and depression

Post by Day 4 a brief description of the complementary or alternative approach you consider effective in treating an anxiety disorder. Explain the benefits and limitations of the approach. Support the use of this approach with evidence from the Learning Resources and other scholarly sources. Explain the role of the counselor in the use of these approaches.

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