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A Production-Mix ProblemFailsafe Electronics Corporation primarily manufactures four highly technical products,which it supplies to aerospace firms that hold NASA contracts. Each of the products mustpass through the following departments before they are shipped: wiring, drilling, assemblyand inspection. The time requirements in each department (in hours) for each unitproduced and its corresponding profit value are summarized in this table:DEPARTMENTPRODUCTWIRINGDRILLINGASSEMBLYINSPECTIONUNITPROFITX.1201.53$9XM8971.51.0$12TR291$15BR7881.03$11The production time available in each department each month and the minimum monthlyproduction requirement to fulfill contracts are as follows:DEPARTMENTCAPACITYPRODUCTMINIMUM PRODUCTION[HOURS)LEVELWiring1,500XJ201150Drilling2,350XM897100Assembly2,600TR29200Inspection1,200BR706400APPROACH Formulate this production-mix situation as an LP problem. The productionmanager first specifies production levels for each product for the coming month. He lets:X1 = number of units of XJ201 producedX2 = number of units of XM897 producedX3 = number of units of TR29 producedX4 = number of units of BR788 produced

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