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Pharmacology is the study of drugs, their action, dosage, therapeutic uses, and their side effects.  Drugs used for therapy are directly linked to the pathophysiology of a particular disease.  Because of the importance, and many uses of pharmacology in patient care, it is important to recognize the difference between expected manifestations of a disease and the expected effects of drug therapy.  After watching the video below, research credible published medical literature regarding a clinically indicated drug your choice.  Discuss your findings.

Medicine Explained


Based upon the current chapter readings/lectures, personal experiences, worldview, and media/resources provided, you must comment on the specific reflection prompts provided- reflecting on how they relate to the weekly topic(s) and current society.  Posts should be thoughtful, insightful, and 250-500 words.  These posts should add significant substance to the conversation and clearly reference (i.e. cite) information from current chapter readings/lectures (please follow current APA guidelines for your in-text citations and references). 

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