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Leslie, a Hispanic-American CNA has recently been hired at Sparrow’s Song, a residential facility for troubled children in the state of Connecticut. Unfortunately, Leslie was not performing as her supervisor, Janet had hoped. Leslie was repeatedly unkind to the children and spoke to them harshly. She had forgotten to administer medication on more than one occasion, and she reportedly injured a child by accidentally drawing her too hot a bath and failed to report the incident appropriately.

 Janet called Leslie into a meeting to discuss her work performance, and because Leslie’s attitude was flippant and rude, Janet terminated her employment. Leslie was extremely upset, and yelled that she was going to sue Sparrow’s Song and Janet personally for racial discrimination.

Please discuss Leslie’s responsibilities as a health care provider and indicate whether or not these responsibilities were upheld.  

How should a court rule on Leslie’s racial discrimination claim and why?

 Are there any incidences that needed to be reported in this scenario? Please discuss what, if anything, needs to be reported, to whom it must be reported, and what specific information must be reported. 

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