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Discussion #1: Intro to Family Violence

**USE Only Book ISBN-97814129171 Title: Family Violence Across the Lifespan 3rd Edition Authors: Ola W Barnett, Cindy L Miller-Perrin, Cindy Miller-Perrin, Robin D Perrin.**

Readings: Chapter 1

•Overview: Society often portrays women, children, elderly, and the disabled, in negative terms. They are then disempowered, marginalized, and/or discriminated. What role does this play in family violence?

Instructions: Watch TV or listen to music for an evening and keep track of references to violence, children, women, disabled, or the elderly that negate their value. Then, critically reflect by responding to the following: Do you believe that TV/music either values or devalues these members of society? Does this then help to “justify” violence against these populations?

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Last name 1Student NamesProfessor’s nameCourseDateIntro to Family ViolenceThe aim of this assignment was to understand the prevalence of family violence and therole that media plays in…

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