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The major strength demonstrated is that it explains why the Eurasian countries have been powerful than others. Diamond’s work is convincing because it shows why Eurasian developed better civilization leading to growth.

Diamond’s arguments cannot hold up today. This is because many societies that have great geographical advantage are not powerful. As he stated, with crops and animals Eurasia became technologically advanced. Some countries have a lot of economic surplus yet they are not as powerful. It may therefore not lead to the same results as in Diamond’s argument.

The reason is because there is a continued study of the human history. Again people want to know if there is any link between the intelligence of people and advanced technology. There is a continued interest to determine how civilization comes about and the economic growth of different societies. Sociologists also have much to say on development of societies, their influence and if they will decline or die.

pohnpei397. What are the strengths and weaknesses of Jared Diamonds theory in Guns, Germs, and Steel? 4 October 2011. 3 March 2015

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