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Write a 8 pages paper on analysis report of shuttle wagons project. This happened due to the fact that the safety regime was not defined properly and lacked clarification at the start of the project. Some approvals took longer than expected. the safety regulators did not fully know what the environment of the Channel Tunnel was like because of the Kings Cross Fire incidents which took place in 1987. These are the main considerations of the entire project. Analysis Report of Shuttle Wagons Project Purpose of the Report The task of constructing the shuttle wagons was given to Trans Manche Link who subcontracted other manufacturers to build the wagons. The project faced a lot of business problems and the major problem was the delay in building the shuttle due to several reasons and the approval of safety regulators (Clancy 2008). The purpose of this report is to give comprehensive analytical and evaluative business recommendations and to present solutions to the problems which the Shuttle Wagon Project has faced. In this regard, it is pertinent to address some issues first. Background of the report The Eurotunnel is the biggest infrastructure to be owned and financed privately in the world’s history.

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