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What does this mean? Well, when you own something, it’s your possession. It belongs to you. To some extent, it becomes part of your identity, an expression of who you are.When you own something, you are convinced beyond any doubt that it is yours. You are certain.Before we look at how to become certain, let’s have a look at the word convince for a second, as it’s important to dig a bit deeper.The word convince comes from two words:com + vincere.The first word is an intensifying preposition. The latter word means to conquer, to overcome. So when you are convinced about something, your belief is as a result of an idea conquering against another so completely, that there is absolutely no room for any doubt whatsoever.

A simple example is when you buy something in a shop, and you have the receipt in your hand. As you walk out of the shop, the alarm goes off. The security guard strolls over, he sees the receipt in your hand, checks its details, and then apologizes, explaining the machine has been faulty recently.He is convinced, because he has seen the receipt. There is absolutely no room for doubt in his mind.


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