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Select one:

a. verbal and nonverbal messages

b. within and across

c. process

d. generate meaning

 In what way are transactional models of communication uniquely different

from linear and interactive models?

Select one:

a. They recognize that encoding requires decision making to create

meaning message.

b. They recognize that we send and receive messages simultaneously (at the same time)

within specific contexts.

c. They function in only one direction—source to receiver.

d. They include the concept of noise and feedback.

I don’t like to focus my attention on only one thing at a time because I may be missing something equally important.

Select one:

a. Polychronic

b. None of the above

c. High Context

d. Collectivism

Your willingness and ability to stand up for yourself in appropriate ways is know as _______ and can be explored and improved upon by asking yourself “What should I do?” rather than asking “Who should I blame?”

Select one:

a. personal integrity.

b. purposeful living.

c. self-assertiveness.

d. self-acceptance.

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