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Technically and ethically, businesses are struggling with internal and external social networks. Just as they “own” your email content, instant messaging texts, possible phone texts, and messages and anything else that you produce while working for them. Apparently, a clear definition of social capital and how it is absorbed by a company once an employee leaves is lacking. Consider the scenario below:

When Angela was working for Siemens, she created an employee blog forum and was the voice of her colleagues. She left the company in December and shortly after, she was contacted by a former employee who requested to take over her internal Siemens blog.

The blog is Siemen’s, the content, even her personal stories are Siemens’s; but, the voice is hers. Angela voiced her concern and disagreement as she felt as if someone is taking over her email and this was more of an ownership issue to her.

  1. What do you think are the legal and ethical ramifications of capturing knowledge via chit chats, blogs, and knowledge cafes?
  2. Who should own the content?

Post your arguments and views in the Discussion with a reasonable form of support.

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