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Bruno’s music career has tanked and he has blown through all of his cash. Desperate for cash he asks his neighbor Michael if he can borrow $50,000 for a trip home to the USA. 

Michael who understands the ups and downs of the music industry, says “sure, I can lend you the money.”

Michael asks for no interest or any collateral in making the loan. Michael and Bruno agree that Bruno will repay Michael when Bruno returns from USA.

As Michael is handing over the cash to Bruno , Michael comments on how nice Bruno’s new Ferrari is and how his wife made him sell his years ago and how much he misses driving a sports car. Bruno, grateful that Michael is helping him out, tosses Michael the keys and tells him to “drive it while I am out of town.” 

A few weeks later Bruno returns from USA and he still has no cash. Bruno goes over to Michael’s to pick up his car and to tell Michael he’ll hopefully be able to pay him back in a few weeks. Michael tells Bruno how much he loves driving the Ferrari and tells Bruno he can come back and pick it up when he has the $50,000 Bruno owes him. 

If Bruno sues Michael to get his car back who will win and why?

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