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You are called to the Labour ward to see a full term newborn baby boy because he has difficulty breathing. He was born 15minutes ago to a 20 year old first time mother, who apparently had little antenatal care. The baby was born by caeserean section because it was found to be in breath position. The midwife said that the baby made a few cries immediately after birth, had good tone and heart rate over 100 beats/min. She had placed him on the resuscitate and then had to attend to the mother. When she next looked at the baby, he was breathing very fast and was making a grunting noise.

on examination the baby lookers an appropriate size for his gestational age, he is not dysmorphic and he has been wrapped in dry towel. His lip and tough appear slightly blue. He’s making an intermittent grunting expiratory sound, and his respiratory rate is 70/min.Tgers no increase in resonance on percussion. He is transfered urgently to neonatal unit and a chest radiography taken.

a) what is the likely diagnosis

b) how should the newborn be manage

c) what other conditions can cause respiratory distress in a tern newborn after an unremarkable delivery.

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