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Write 1 page essay on the topic Prisoners treatment.

Tax payers are annoyingly demanding to cut the budgets of prisons when the crime rate is not declining. They argue that the prime motto of the prison is to punish the criminals and to make them guilty for the wrong act they did. Based on the argument, a prison supposed to be placed in a harsh and unhealthy place. Rough circumstances of prison not only act as retribution of the criminal’s act but also it frightens the general public to think twice before conducting an unlawful act. If this is the case, then providing prisoners with gym facilities, educational lectures and other amenities are a waste of money. Also, it showed up no better results in past. Moreover, in India, it has been found that people living under very poor conditions tend to perform crimes so they may be jailed and get benefit of the facilities in the prison that they have no access in their normal lives.

Thus, this argument clearly shows that government should decrease the budget of prisons and should utilize this money in educating and developing other people of the society so general individuals can get benefit out of

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