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Database: For each relation:

a) List Functional Dependencies.

b) Based on the given primary key, is the relation in 1NF, 2NF, or 3NF? Why or why not?


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REMEMBER: The goal of normalization is to end up with tables in which theprimary key determines all non-key columns.For each relation:a) List Functional Dependencies.b) Based on the given primary key, is the relation in INF, 2NF, or 3NF? Why or why not?c) Normalize the relation successively into 3NF, if it is not already in 3NF.You may present the normalized relations using the kind of notation seen in the FACULTY or ORDER relations below,or you could use the kind of notation used when drawing relational schemas (e.g., with table headers).1. FACULTY(FacNo, FacName. DeptNo, DeptName, DeptLos, InsurPlanNo, InsurPlanDesc)2. ORDER(OrdNo, OrdDate, CustNo, PartNo, Qty, UnitPrice)3. Transform the following relation into 3NF:EMPLOYEE (Emp_ID, Name, Dept_Name, Salary, Course_Title, Date_Completed)The functional dependencies are:Emp_ID > Name, Dept Name, Salary(Emp_ID, Course_Title) > Date_Completed

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