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You assist a top manager in a major European luxury garment and accessories firm that subscribes to a fairly strict corporate code of conduct. Your firm is thinking of acquiring a supplier in Indonesia to make the highest line of shirts your firm offers. After verifying the viability and inspecting the working conditions in the Indonesian facility, you feel satisfied of renovating it to acceptable standards. But a surprise encounter with a documentary filmmaker has you cornered in the face of uncomfortable queries and slighting comments. Frustration leads you to respond impulsively to one of the comments.

Was it a good idea to respond to the documentary filmmaker in that way? How might that look on film, especially in the hands of a wily film editor? How can a company respond when confronted with sudden press inquiries about its divisions and suppliers? What kind of preparation might have helped you better manage this situation?

 write a 5-6 page APA formatted reflection paper. Your paper must address the subtopics above, but are not limited to them. Bring in experiences, examples, and outside research into your reflection

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