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As mentioned, the assessment of intelligence has a long history in psychology. The work of one individual, Dr. Cyril Burt, has been extremely controversial. Read about Dr. Burt, his work, and the controversy at The Cyril Burt Affair (Links to an external site.). Before you read, however, you should know that a statistical technique mentioned in the article (factor analysis) is simply a sophisticated type of correlation that allows researchers to see relationships among variables. After you read this page, consider the importance of theory, research, and the prior beliefs of the researcher. In an essay based on your reading of this Web site, describe the interplay between research, theory, and personal belief. Is one more important than the other? Your essay should be the equivalent of two typed, single-spaced pages and no more than 600 words. For writing tips, review Tips for Writing on your Course Home page 

Reaction to Dr. Cyril Burt Affair In this paper, I will dissect the significance of individual conviction, hypothesis, research,and how they were utilized as a part of the Dr. Cyril Burt Affair….

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