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11. _______________ lived in Mississippi most of his life and chronicled the post Civil War South and the troubled race relations there in his novels and short stories.

12.  A female poet from Knoxville, TN and friend of the mother of Tupac Shakur, who explores the themes of possibility and loneliness is ___________________

13._____________________ is the writer who was incarcerated when he won acclaim for his writing and whose subject matter is life behind bars.

14.The powerful, Nobel Prize winning Irish poet, who sought to bring the country together by writing about legends, literary history and Greek myths, is___________________________________.

15.What is the difference between Rap and Hip Hop poetry according to Professor Benjamin Bowser? (Hint: class handout).(4 SENTENCES WORTH 4 POINTS)

17. Discuss the Black Arts Movement, the era(3 SENTENCES) and name two writers.

18. Discuss Magical Realism.(3 SENTENCES). Name two writers.

 19.  Discuss Greek theatre, the Tragic Hero, the Tragic Flaw(3 SENTENCES) and name two dramatists.

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