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Make the python program that implementatsan automata system with a walking bomb and a walking robot:

1) The Robot, and the Bombare running by autonomously, accessing the board/worskspacecontrol variables located/accessible inside the defined workspace;

2) The Robotand the Bombwalking steps should be synchronized as follow: for each two steps/squares walked by the Robot, Bomb will walk one square in the grid /hash table. 

3) The Robotshould walk around and avoid stepping on any square where a Bombis randomly placed. The Bombshould not step on any GoldBar. The Robotcan move one square at time; the Bombmoves one square walking around only after the Robothas moved two squares/steps in the grid /hash table.

4) Robotshould keep walking around for as long as there is still a GoldBarto be found and collected in the workspace; if the Bombcatches the Robot, or there is no GoldBarleft in the workspace, then the automatasreached their goal with two possible states: <Happy Ending! Robot won> or <Kabum: Game over! Bomb killed the Robot> .

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