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  1. The human microbiota

A. refers to only eukaryotes.

b. refers to only the pathogenic bacteria that live on the exterior surface of a person.

c. is the community of micro-organisms that live in and on your body.

d. includes bacteria that live in all areas of an ecosystem.

2.Which gas below was not found in earth’s earliest atmosphere?

a. O2

b. SH2

c. CH4

d. NH3

e. all the above

3.Which statement below is false?

A. Cyanobacteria are the only group of prokaryotes with the ability to generate oxygen.

b. Gram positive bacteria do not turn purple when given gram stain.

c. Staphyloccus and Streptococcus are example of Gram-positive bacteria.

d. Archaea are one of the most abundant cell types in Earth’s largest habitat, the ocean.

4.Archaea called, extreme halophiles

a.live off of gases secreted through vents on the ocean floor.

b.thrive in very low pH environments.

c. live in very hot enviornments

d. live in very salty environments.

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