The assignments below are the ones assigned in class to do via this Website. In some cases, you are to answer questions on paper and turn them in at class.

To get credit for the logic test, the personality test, or the practice quiz, put the last four digits of your student ID (CWID) in the comments box. Some of these materials are notes to help you study or perceptual demonstrations to experience, rather than items for credit. For example, notes on the history of medicine are included to help you organize what has been presented in class that is not in Kalat’s book; these will help you be able to analyze the “medical model” of mental illness.

  1. Columbus Debated the Scholars (Powerpoint)
  2. World Map (JPEG)
  3. National Geographic: Brain Games: Pay AttentionAssignment: Watch this program and turn in your answers to these questions: (1) How many times did David Copperfield’s name or image appear? (2) How many times did he say “magic”? (3) Was the corporate CEO able to talk on the phone and drive his car safely at the same time? (4) Was he better, worse, or average in his ability to do two things at the same time, compared to other people? (5) Based on the information in this program, do you think that a person can learn from a class and also talk to a friend, or can a person learn in class and simultaneously check text messages?If the above link does not work, try this one for the program:
    Attention Video
  4. View the FRONTLINE program about Facilitated Communication, Prisoners of Silence.If this link does not work, you can view in in parts via YouTube (see below). Homework: Write out answers to these questions and turn in at the next class: (a) Did all of the facilitators (e.g., Marian Pitsas) continue to believe in facilitated communication after they saw the results of the “Clever Hans” test of communication (O.D. Heck study)? (b) Was it true that the son of the pharmacist (Matthew) could answer questions about Shakespeare? (c) What did the facilitator who “uncovered” the accusation of sexual abuse against the pharmacist (who was accused of abusing his son, Matthew) end up doing after the Clever Hans test? (d) What did the son’s High School end up doing about facilitated communication, as of t


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